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TOP 5 U.S. Destination Weddings - My Favorites (so far!)

A question I get asked a lot is "do you shoot destination weddings?" YES! But it's especially frustrating when an interested party assumes that we won't travel to their destination, or that we can't just because we're based out of Chicago. Listen here, you! 😂 Planes exist and we love to travel on them to get to wherever it is we need to shoot! And most of the time, our travel fees aren't as much as you'd think (I'm a certified expert at finding the best travel deals). So here are a few of my personal favorite U.S. destinations I've traveled to.

Planning a wedding outside of Chicago and want us to capture it?


Boston, Massachusetts

While this one wasn't to capture a wedding, the story behind the journey does it all for me. A friend of mine was starting his own coffee brand and asked me to come along to document the entire trip. Prior to this, I had never "vlogged" anything, so this was a completely new aspect of filmmaking I was very excited to try.

He's been hustlin' beans ever since and doing a damn good job of it! (It's REALLY GOOD TOO! Buy some here)

FUN FACT: I drank more coffee in these two days than I ever have in my life.

New Orleans, Louisiana

I'd be lying if I told you NOLA making this list has nothing to do with the food...

Char-broiled oysters, shrimp po-boys...purple drank?! YES PLEASE!

ADDED BONUS: Great poker action at Harrahs near all the sights!

Las Vegas, NV

Does this one really count? When I started this company, I moved to Las Vegas and loved every minute of the 2 years that I lived there. But as life would have it, more and more bookings kept coming in from my hometown of Chicago and while I LOVE to travel...I can't say I love it that much. But we still cover events regularly in Las Vegas. It is my home away from home and because of that, it ranks at #3 on my list.

While I have an endless list of weddings to share from Las Vegas (many available to view here), the video I chose to represent why it's one of my favorite destinations to shoot comes from earlier this year, right when the pandemic kicked into high gear. The airports were empty and so was Las Vegas. This video quickly gained popularity and was even featured on NBC News 3 LV! It documents my journey from Chicago to Las Vegas with visuals that have truly never been seen before.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This couple. This city. This church.👌

When I think of my favorite wedding I've ever shot, this one always comes to mind. The love in Niamh's eyes as she poses with her baby boy on her wedding day. The tears pouring out of Leo's eyes as she walks down the aisle at St. Augustine Church - - which BTW, was the same church they shot The Sixth Sense in! Fantastic speeches were given at their reception, from hometown guests from Chicago to family members from Ireland. This is love right here.

(oh, and the cheesesteaks were 🔥 as well)

# 1

Seward, Alaska

This was tough, but damn it...Alaska, you win! From the moment I landed in the middle of the night and it was still bright outside, I knew this one was going to be special. Definitely weird...but special! Plenty of BTS footage was captured below. Also, this vid makes me miss vlogging. Maybe I'll get back into it. Probably not, though...


Notable mentions: Seattle, Death Valley, Dallas ✅


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