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Wedding Film Portfolio

We offer a variety of wedding videography styles and film options, our most popular being our “cinematic style,” delivered in the form of a 3-5 minute Highlight Film—the perfect length for quickly sharing with your family and friends via email or social media! We also offer an extended version of this film, for those looking for a slightly longer version. Each film is deliverable via digital download link or on custom designed Blu-Ray discs. The average turnaround time for our wedding films is about 4-6 weeks* after we've received your song choice(s) for the film(s) in your package.

Our most popular wedding film option is the Highlight Film, which has an average run-time of 3-5 minutes - perfect for sharing with family and friends over email or social media! We also offer an extended version of this film, for those looking for a lengthier film.

We also offer long-form wedding films. Our longest running wedding film option would be our Full-Length Film, which has an average run-time of 60-90 minutes. This includes all major elements from your wedding day, edited into a long-form film. This wedding film option is perfect for our Gold Standard+ package! To view one of our Full-Length Films, CLICK HERE.

Our shortest wedding videography style option is the Teaser, which is a 60 second highlight video, sharable just 24 hours after your wedding! FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM, where we share all of our Teasers!

Take a look at some of our wedding videography styles below!

*Please anticipate 6-8 weeks for delivery during peak wedding season

Taylor & Jake - Wedding Highlight Film
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Taylor & Jake - Wedding Highlight Film
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Gino & Nicole - Wedding Highlight Film
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Lexi & Timmy - Wedding Highlight Film
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Kylie & Mike - Wedding Film
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Rosana & Joseph - Wedding Highlight Film
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Angela & Mike - Wedding Highlight Film
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Taryn & Michael - Wedding Highlight Film
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Kelly & Josh - Wedding Highlight Film
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Laura & Kevin - Wedding Highlight Film
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Tom & Jesseca - Wedding Highlight Film
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Anjelica & Dylan - Wedding Highlight Film
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Destination Wedding Videographer - Munaco Pictures
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Live Stream Your Wedding with Munaco Pictures
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Erica & Matthew - Wedding Highlight Film
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Angelica & Steven - Wedding Highlight Film
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