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Shooting a Disney & Star Wars-Themed Wedding Video in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is renowned for its dazzling entertainment, luxurious venues, and unforgettable weddings. Recently, we had the pleasure of capturing a wedding video at the enchanting Doyle venue for a couple whose love for Disney and Star Wars knew no bounds. Join us as we recount the magical experience of documenting this extraordinary celebration of love, where the worlds of fairy tales and galaxies far, far away converged.

disney themed wedding vows

The Doyle proved to be an ideal choice for a wedding that merged the whimsy of Disney with the epic saga of Star Wars. This exquisite venue did a tremendous job of effortlessly blending both elegance and fantasy. From the moment we stepped foot inside, we knew this would be a wedding like no other.

As we arrived to the venue several hours before the ceremony for prep coverage, we were greeted by a wave of nostalgia and Disney magic. The room was adorned with iconic Disney characters, from Mickey and Minnie to Cinderella and Belle. The bride, dressed in a stunning white gown reminiscent of a princess, radiated joy and excitement. We then captured her transformation into a real-life Disney princess.

bride smiling with bridesmaids

The groom and his groomsmen embraced the force, donning Star Wars-themed cufflinks, and even lightsaber props. Laughter filled the air as they rehearsed their Jedi poses, each embodying their favorite Star Wars characters. It was evident that this couple's shared love for Disney and Star Wars had become a significant part of their lives.

groom with lightsaber

The formalities of the big day were nothing short of extraordinary. The wedding ceremony was a harmonious fusion of Disney and Star Wars elements and the officiant, incorporated fairytale quotes into the ceremony, much to the delight of the guests. The tables were beautifully adorned with Disney-inspired centerpieces and Star Wars table settings. The couple's first dance had mesmerizing choreography that WOW'd all the guests in attendance.

choreographed first dance

Shooting a wedding video at The Doyle in Las Vegas for a couple who adored Disney and Star Wars was a truly unforgettable experience. The seamless fusion of these two beloved franchises created a wedding day that was brimming with enchantment, love, and adventure. We feel privileged to have been a part of this extraordinary celebration and to have captured the unique essence of this couple's love story.

star wars grand exit

PS...There were Alpaca's and Goats too!

bride and groom laughing

bride and groom petting alpaca


418 West Mesquite Avenue

Las Vegas, NV 89106

For inquiries, please contact: Mary Ellen Spann (702) 379-5392

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