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Wedding Live Streaming (and why ours is the BEST)

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

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Wedding Live Streaming

Before last year (and before the world changed) wedding live streaming was one of those things that we offered to our clients but in all honesty, NEVER sold. And why should we have?? Here's how it used to be...a wedding was scheduled for a specific date, postponements and rescheduling were never even a thought, and with 350 guests RSVP'd - - live streaming was not a necessity.

But now...

I knew right away that in order to survive this horrible, ravaging pandemic, we needed to adapt. I didn't just want to "phone it in," though. Anyone can just set up their phone, log onto Facebook and hit the "GO LIVE" button and boom - you're live streaming! That's simplistic. It's practical...but it's not what we're about.

"If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right."

I wanted our live streams to be every bit as professional and cinematic as our traditional wedding films. I didn't want viewers to tune into our client's special day and be locked onto just one camera angle. And I wanted drone coverage to be included in our live streams - at no additional charge. And that's exactly what we've done!

Our live stream production begins days before the wedding. For every stream we pre-produce an impressive intro package, which is the first thing your viewers will see when tuning in and welcomes your virtual guests to your wedding location and your stream. This pre-produced video features beautiful aerial coverage of your venue and since it's produced days in advance, it allows us extra time on the day of your wedding to focus on what really matters - THE WEDDING!

For the most part, we take on the production of the day just as we normally would for one of our Gold Standard wedding packages. This includes multi-cam coverage of your wedding, but for live streams we simply add wireless transmitters to top of our cameras, sync to our live stream hub and we're ready to go! There's no need to worry about tripping over a 50 foot HDMI or ethernet cable as you're walking down the aisle. Our streaming hardware is 100% wireless!

wedding live streaming

Audio connectivity is just as important as establishing a good wireless connection to our cameras. We provide microphones that connect to your DJ's (or band's) soundboard as well as a LAV that clips onto the groom's lapel. We then run both of these audio feeds directly into our stream, where we can monitor and adjust your audio levels on the fly.


Our most frequently asked question relating to our live streams has to be about internet connection and how exactly we "GO LIVE." While every venue does have their own wireless connection, we never rely on theirs and always come prepared with our own wireless hotspot. Here's another sample from one of our very first live streams last summer:

Have a question about our wedding live streaming service?

Shoot me an email ➡️ or visit our Wedding Live Streaming page for more information.

Munaco Pictures specializes in video production of weddings and events in the Chicagoland area, however, we regularly cover weddings throughout destinations nationwide! So if you're planning your wedding out of state, we'll be happy to make the trip!


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